Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mirage, Tiger and Essex

Italeri takes to the air, land and sea with three new model kits geared for war.

As with all Italeri model kits they feature historically accurate details, easy-to-follow instructions and parts that detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing which fit snuggly together with no gaps or miss fits. 

First up from Italeri's World Of Warships Action Stations Online Naval Game series comes the USS Essex aircraft carrier that also includes an exclusive Smith American Destroyer Bonus Code.

Besides the easy-to-paint, glue (included) and decal 1/700 Scale model kit also includes a Ship's Guide of historical references with in-game tips, three Invite Codes and a full-color poster.

Fifteen part trees, ship's hull and five upper decks make up the aircraft carrier model kit.  

Complete deck and hull accessories (including artillery, towers, deck machinery and railings and aircraft complete the package.

It's a stunning model kit that when completed looks as if it burst off the model kits beautifully illustrated front panel.

From The World Of Tanks Roll Out Online Video Game comes the PZ.KPRW. V1 Tiger Tank model kit at 1/56 Scale.

This massive German WWII killing machine is one of four tanks available in the series.

Included with the model is a Tank Guide containing historical references and in-game tips, decals, liquid cement, three Invite Codes and Bonus Code and three Xbox Bonus Codes.

Over 1,300 Tiger Tanks were produced during the war.  The Tiger's treads were protected by an extended hull and sported a wide-ranged turret carrying its 8.8 cm Kw.K 36 L/56 gun.

Its heavy construction and impressive armor and fire power made it the scourge of the Allied Forces.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Gulf War the French Mirage fighter jet proved to be a formidable air and ground combat craft feared by enemy forces.

With its impressive fire power (that included missiles and more) the Mirage's triangular body and wing configuration made for a fast, maneuverable and deadly combination.

The single pilot fighter, while smaller than most attack aircraft, made up for its size by being one of the most versatile, deadly and capable aircraft during the conflict.

Full assembly, paint and decal instructions are included so you can decorate your model kit as one of three designations: 2000C, 2000EAD or 2000C Orange.