Thursday, July 21, 2016

Right Stuff and Weird

Schiffer Publishing presents two new titles that will keep readers up in the air and feeling weird.
Most people have seen the movie 'The Right Stuff' that chronicled the U.S. Space Program in its early stages. 

The early astronauts were all test pilots and jet jockeys. 

There were a lot of good reasons why that was so.  The most important reason was that they were experienced pilots, used to flying by the seat of their pants and anticipating and correcting problems under pressure.

In 'Training The Right Stuff: The Aircraft That Produced America's Jet Pilots' authors Mark A, Frankel and Tommy H. Thomason, along with illustrator Jack Morris take readers on a historical aeronautic journey.

Pictures, photos and text provide a fascinating trip through time beginning with the very first aircraft up to modern day jet fighters.

Along the way readers learn about he rigors of flight training, technological advancements and failures, the various types of aircraft used and their evolution in design and how through trial and error America's jet pilots became the greatest in the world.

For a in-depth and thorough examination of what it took (and takes) to obtain 'The Right Stuff' be sure to pick up this book.

The world is full of weird and unusual items, historical events and oddball occurrences and locations.

Keeping Austin Weird: A Guide To The (Still) Odd Side Of Town by Red Wassenich, you'll discover just how weird things can get.

Red takes readers on a tour of Austin, Texas starting with weird places and culminating in weird businesses.

Photos, art and text delve into the 'unusual' side of Austin.  It's a weird, wild, wacky and way-out tour that is sure to leave you 'weirded' out.