Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stagnation and Setback

Someone very near and dear to me is going through a very difficult time.

Their life has hit a crisis point and despite their best efforts everything about their life has come to a standstill or worse yet-started to go backward.

Through unwise choices of their own setbacks are occurring one-after-another in rapid succession.

Is it because they are a bad person-no?  Are they unlovable?  Quite the opposite actually.  They are a very sweet and caring person who love people-perhaps too much.

Their problem is themselves.

Despite repeated advice to change, adapt and make decisions based on logic and well-thought out plans they refuse to give up certain destructive things in their lives,  have difficulty accepting modifications to career, housing, transportation and lifestyle and seem blind to their destructive habits.

What to do?  Very little in fact.

I talk to them, give advice, help some and encourage them.

But, I refuse to become a crutch or enabler.  I am also no ATM machine spitting out money.

Money would solve many of their problems, but after a short while it would be gone and nothing would be permanently altered unless they change their spending habits.

Personal relationships need to be redefined and in some cases severed-neither of which is pleasant, but sometimes necessary in order to grow and mature.

I can only pray for them and ask God to intercede in their life and give them a new purpose.  God will heel but only if they ask Him to and are willing to let him take charge of their life if they are truly saved.  If not, they need to be..

In the Bible it states that as Christians we are supposed to place all our burdens on him.  He is our refuge and Savior that understands our hurts and pains because He suffered them also.  He understands temptations, betrayals, setbacks and the many facets of life.

At first I fretted over said person until I realized that God says that we should not be anxious for anything.  

God is in control.  Events may not turn out the way we intend but in the long run they will turn out for the best if we trust Him.

I do.  Do you?