Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Bronze

We've all met someone like this.  A person who lives for a past moment of glory or a pivotal event in their lives.

They bask in their once-found celebrity status or moment of recognition and never seem to mature or change after that instant.

Hope Anne Greggory is just such a person.  A Bronze Medal winner from over a decade ago she was her hometown's sweetheart.  Stuck in that moment of time she still dresses the same, wears her hair the same and milks her celebrity status to get handouts and freebies from her hometown folk.

That is until in order to inherit a sizable inheritance she must coach the town's newest Olympic hopeful.

She is left with a choice, mold the newest hometown athlete, Maggie, or sabotage the entire program in order to keep her semi-legendary status.

What results is a funny, often poignant and surprisingly heartfelt film about a one-time athletic star faced with her own mortality.

Sony Pictures presents The Bronze in DVD with additional deleted scenes included.

As an extra added bonus reviewers (that's me) receive a special sports bag filled with munchies and a drink container with straw.  It may not be a Bronze Medal, but it sure is winner!