Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Ripper Legacy

Author David Stuart Davies presents his latest 'The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Homes' book: The Ripper Legacy, published by Titan Books.

The Victorian sleuth and his faithful companion Dr. Watson are visited by the very distraught Ronald Temple whose son has been kidnapped. 

Oddly enough there was no ransom note.  Extracting as much information available for the boy's father and after making several logical conclusions Holmes concludes that the kidnapping has sinister connections to the upper echelon of London's powerful and wealthy.

What of the child?  Has his true heritage placed him in such a nefarious and dangerous situation?  Why are those associated with his family and on the kidnapping case also in grave danger? 

What has the Whitechapel murders from a decade before and Holmes' nemesis Moriarty have to do with the kidnapping?

Things are not as they first appear as Holmes and Watson play a very dangerous game of cat and mouse in one of Sherlock Holmes most perplexing and mysterious cases of his crime-fighting career.

The Ripper Legacy is Holmes at his best: meticulous, relentless and eccentric.  It's time to revisit Baker Street and the world's most famous crime-solver.