Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Turtles, Dory and Spider-Man

Talk about bringing back memories!

When I was a child one of my all-time favorite toys/past-times was breaking out my various Colorforms Playsets and spending hours setting up adventures.

I remember having Colorforms based on popular TV shows, superheroes and other pop culture favorites.

Colorforms was (and is) a wonderful toy that I used over and over again until I literally wore out the re-stickable stickers and dog-eared the background scenes.

In this age of computers and apps it's nice to see a toy that requires children to use their imaginations and physically create their own stories.

Colorforms has three new sets.  They include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Big Wall Playset, the Create A Story Dory Playset and the On the Go Ultimate Spider-Man Playset.

All of three Playsets include exciting re-stickable stickers of characters and objects fashioned after their individual themes.  Stickers are easily applied and removed to be used over and over again to create exciting adventures children dream up on their own.

The re-stickalbe stickers are applied to colorful background scenes that challenge children to imagine different ways to position the stickers.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Big Wall Playset includes a giant background measuring 2' by 3'.  Nine extra large Colorforms stickers are also included that stick like magic with no mess or marks.

The Create-a Story Dory Playset gives kids four backgrounds to choose from right out the Finding Dory movie!  Sixty Colorforms are included so kids can imagine, create and have fun for hours as they take Dory on various adventures with their friends.

The On The Go Ultimate Spider-Man foil-wrapped Playset with two backgrounds and 24 Colorforms lets kids play as they travel.

Whether at home alone, with friends or on the go Colorforms provides clean, safe and fun entertainment for hours which encourages children to use their imaginations, ingenuity and motor skills to create their own adventures.

"It's More Fun To Play The Colorforms Way!"