Thursday, August 11, 2016

Scheer, Curtainside, Le Centaure and Operation Cobra

As a young boy I loved putting together ship model kits.  At the time I could purchase 10-cent ships and within a few minutes have a whole fleet of ships.  As I grew older I graduated to larger ship models that required more skill, patience and time to put together.

The Admiral Scheer battleship model kit from Italeri brings back many fond memories.  Like the more complicated model kits I assembled as boy the Admiral Scheer is a miniature replica of a famous military ship complete with full hull, deck, accessories and weapons that are all easy to assemble when using the comprehensive directions included with the model.

Paint it up, slap on the decals and before you know it you have a 1/720 Scale ship model that would make any sailor proud. 

Take a minute to appreciate the details including deck guns, conning towers, radar, antenna and cranes and other ship's equipment along with a small bi-wing airplane, deck railings and more.

Where would a semi-truck be without its trailer? The Curtainside Trailer "" trailer is a heavy duty (and I do mean heavy!) model kit that features the trademark Schoni red color scheme along with real rubber tires, an undercarriage storage compartment, side panel protection, heavy load capability, a superior brake system, heavy and tough gauge fenders, bumper and wheels and carefully integrated lights and reflectors.

All are built on a rugged frame which are perfectly duplicated in 1/24 Scale.  Very little painting is required but look for lots of decals-and I do mean a lot!

Speaking of semi-trucks... The Berliet 356ch/ Renault R360 "Le Centaure" semi-truck is a chromed-out monster truck with so many extras it boggles the mind.

Look for full upper and lower lights, a twin-level bumper, an environmentally designed diesel exhaust pipe, roof-mounted horns and lights, large side mirrors, three windshield wipers, an extended cab, full interior details, ten tires on chrome wheels, a large windshield and side windows, an aerodynamic design that cuts down on wind resistance, a large bed for easy trailer hook-up, a rigid frame with brake and fluid lines and much, much more.

Talk about details!  Seasoned model makers are sure to love this finely-detailed model.  Like all Italeri model kits this truck features precision fittied parts, easy-to-follow instructions and full paint and decal instructions that make putting together this 1/24 Scale model kit a trucker's dream.

Way back, a long time ago, when I was about ten years old, my friends and I used to gather together all our plastic soldiers, play tanks, jeeps and other WWII toys and create huge battle scenes right out of the war.

We'd play for hours eventually gathering up all our separate items and go our merry ways.
As much as we enjoyed playing soldier it was difficult for all of us to get together at one time so we could pool our toy resources.

Never fear! Italeri recognizes the little boy in military model makers.  Its 1/72 Scale Operation Cobra 1944 Battle Set has made playing war fun and easy to set up.

Included in the Play Set are two tanks (Sherman and Panther), two Half Tracks, 64 figures (Allied and Nazi) and two French House/Shops. 

What a great way to make up a WWII battleground diorama!  All it takes is  some glue, paint, decals and the willingness to create a scene right out of the war!  Allied and Nazi vehicles and soldiers are packed separately from each other in individual plastic bags making them easy to recognize.

Modify the buildings to look whole or bombed out and with a little tabletop shrub and dirt decor its WWII all over again in 1/72 Scale!