Friday, August 26, 2016

Star Talk and The National Parks

How would you like to know the answer---to everything?!  Well, almost everything-or at least what we know or have theories about.

National Geographic presents the companion book to Neil deGrasse Tyson's fascinating podcast and TV series 'Star Talk'.

Filled with full-color photos, graphs, charts and illustrations the book takes a good hard look at what fascinates mankind.

Starting out with Space, the book expands its in-depth coverage about Planet Earth, Being Human and Futures Imagined.

Get ready to travel to Mars, learn all about storms, the solution to pollution, evolution, creativity, God, zombies, future technology, aliens and time travel and so much more in this fascinating and captivating book that is guaranteed to open your mind to fantastic possibilities and the wonder of the universe around us.

Talk about perfect timing!  My wife and I are in the beginning stages of planning our big cross-country vacation next summer.  We plan to hit a number of National Parks and roadside attractions.

Author Kim Heacox, along with National Geographic, presents The National Parks An Illustrated History:100 Years Of American Splendor, a companion book to the PBS TV series.
What a great way to learn about our nation's parks!

Take a historical visual tour of each National Park complemented by archive and contemporary photos, historical facts, interesting tidbits on key attractions and sights and suggestions as what to see and search out.

Travel our great country without leaving the comfort of your living room.  Better yet, pack up and discover America's National Parks!