Monday, September 12, 2016

Churchill, Countach 5000 and DAF 95 Canvas

Let's talk about Churchill.  No, not Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister during the WWII who was known for being a 'bulldog' when it came to facing off against the Axis Powers.

No, rather let's talk about Italeri's new Churchill WWII armored tank model kit that can be slightly modified, decaled and painted to represent six different armored tanks: Mk. III, Mk. IV, Mk V, Mk III Kingforce, NA 75 and AVRE.

Part of Italeri's Warlord Games collection the solid gray parts come on three part trees, detach easily and neatly and also includes a single human (to scale) figure decal sheet and easy-to-follow instruction for assembly and a full-color paint application guide on the back of the model kit box.

The majority of boys and men at one time in their lives have dreamed of owning and driving a luxury sports car.

Few of us actually can afford to purchase such cars but we can dream.
Well dream time is over. For you 'financially challenged' boys and men out there you may never see or own an actual high dollar sports car but now you have the next best thing.

Italeri's Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvote 1/24 Scale model kit may not be the real thing but it certainly looks like it.

This beautiful model kit features all the Lamborghini bells and whistles you would expert from a luxury sports car minus the price tag.

Molded in sold white and black the model kit feature rubber tires, a plethora of chrome parts, a boatload of interior and exterior details and accessories and  lots of windows.

Sleek with a low profile, this beauty has it all including a revved out engine, a luxurious interior and so much more.

Put this baby together and imagine yourself driving down the freeways in Europe in your custom, 'very' expensive sports car that only a few can afford.

It may not be as pretty as a Lamborghini or as luxurious but it's just as impressive and a lot more practical, especially if you drive a truck for a living.

The DAF 95 Canvas semi-truck with trailer is a 'must have' model kit for any truck lover.
At 1/24 Scale this model packs on the details and accessories with its fully equipped cab featuring a roof wind deflector, heavy duty frame and bumpers, integrated headlights and turn signals, twin roof horns, oversize side mirrors and flat face with huge front windshield and side windows. 

Just as impressive is its undercarriage, fully-detailed engine, maxed-out interior with full dash, seats and controls and more.

The powerful semi easily pulls along the eight wheel canvas-side trailer with reinforced frame on its sides and back and chrome fenders and bumper.

You'll be equally impressed with its heavy under frame, large cargo hold and engineered modular carriage.

Anyway you drive it, it's a lean, mean, hauling machine that is captured perfectly in miniature.

Follow the detailed instructions, paint it, decal it and assemble it and before long you'll be on the road!