Friday, September 9, 2016

Cosplay, Tintin, Tolkien and Wallace & Gromit

From across the Big Pond in the UK comes a quartet of new books that are sure to send chills up fan boy and fan girl spines.

Carlton Books presents a spectacular collection of books covering Cosplay, Tintin, Tolkien and Wallace & Gromit in grand style.

Each book is a stunning example of how printing books should be done.  Expert binding, stitching, cover illustrations and photos, spectacular full-color interior photographs an clever interior inserts, fold-ins and full-bleed photos make each book a visual treasure for avid collectors.

People have always dressed up for special occasions: holidays, events and parties.  Recently, in the last 10 to 20 years, a new phenomenon has blossomed: Cosplay.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cosplay it involves fans of various pop culture genres to dress up as their favorite characters.

Comic books, movies, TV, Anime, Manga, Gaming-you name it there are bound to be fans who parade around in home-made (and often very sophisticated) costumes related to their particular interest.

Cosplay: The Fantasy World Of Role Play by Lauren Orsini examines the Cosplay phenomenon with a series of stunning full-color photos of fans decked out in all of their costumed glory as superheroes to Manga cuties.  Each photo is accompanied by a short text explanation and mention of the dressed up participating fan.

This is a book that you can sit around and literally spend hours pouring over the images.
Indiana Jones, James Bond and countless other movie, TV, literary, animated and comic strip characters owe a great debt to Herge's Tintin strip.  Tintin and his dog, and fellow adenturers, take part in some of the most spectacular adventures ever devised by man. Herge And The Treasures Of Tintin, written and compiled by Dominique Marico, offers a loving tribute to the boy adventurer.

Inside the oversize hardbound book' featuring a pillowed cover' readers immediately spot a newspaper reproduction insert commemorating one of Tintin's first adventures.

Pages are filled with illustrations by Herge including sketches, character studies, color selections, story synopsis and words and comments by the artist and writer himself.

Special 'inserts' offer tipped-in special treats such as sketches, panel layouts, promotional items and much more. 

As a graphic designer and artist I am amazed a the sheer amount of work presented and the impressive imagination needed to create such work.    

Tolkien's Hobbit and Rings Trilogy are without a doubt some of the most revered and admired literary works of the 20th century.

Unless you've been living under a rock (or Hobbit Hole) in recent years Tolkien's work has been visible and available everywhere from books to movies to merchandise.

In The Secrets Of Tokien's World creative collaborators Gareth Hanrahan and Peter McKinstry present readers with "A Guide To The Peoples And Places Of Middle-Earth."     
The visual tour starts off with a bang as it takes readers on a fast-paced and thrilling tour of Middle-Earth using full-color illustrations and paintings.  People, places, events, hidden secrets and lore are explored using short and precise text inserts complemented by stunning art.
I discovered the Claymation antics of Wallace & Gromit over 20 years ago and have faithfully followed their often bizarre and hilarious adventures via cartoons, movies, comics books and other forms of Wallace & Gromit paraphernalia such as toys, etc.

I proudly boast of my UK W&G hardbound comic strip collections and my McFarlane Toys figures.

Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures & Glorious Inventions is Wallace's 'Scrapbook Of An Inventor."

Pop open the clever, hinged, protective cover and behold--the world of Wallace & Gromit comes alive!

Blueprints of inventions, character designs and spotlights, photos of their home, laboratory, surroundings and friends, acquaintances and enemies are included.

Specials sections on their various animated adventures are also included and there's even clever little 'extras' Wallace and Gromit fans will love.

The entire book is a visual treat filled with eye-candy, fascinating insights into the popular series and so much cool 'stuff' you'll soon find yourself shaking your hands and exclaiming, "I just love cheese Gromit!"

Carlton Books