Thursday, September 22, 2016

Home Front, Tanks and Knights

Back when I was in my early teens (the late 1960s) my mother and I lived next door to a family that had occupied the same house for four generations.  They all were pack rats-keeping every family memento and item over the years.  Surprisingly they were very well organized.

Occasionally I would stop by their home and walk through their generational museum.  It was fascinating.

One day the current occupants decided to sell off their ancestral home, downsize and move out of town.  They hired my friend and I to help them move their items.  When we were all done they told us that anything left over that they decided not to take with them my friend and I could keep.

Needless to say, I was thrilled.  We searched about grabbing items here and there.  When we came to the rickety back porch a large steam chest caught my attention.  Opening it up I discovered it filled to the brim with World War II memorabilia: ration stamps, clippings, etc-the majority from the home front.

I took everything.  Since WWII had ended a mere 20+ years previously, like any young boy at the time, I was fascinated by the entire conflict.  Many WWII veterans lived nearby and I would sit and listen to them for hours talk about the war, both overseas and its repercussions stateside, for hours.

Harper Collins and Andre Deutsch, along with writer Juliet Gardiner, recount the war years as it affected the British Home Front.

'The Second World War Home Front Life In Britain During The War' is a hardbound book encased in a vintage looking slipcase that offers readers the opportunity to experience the war as British civilians.

This handsome book is filled with archive photos, document reproductions and recollections of those who experienced the war.

From the war's onset the book chronicles the hard years as experienced by the besieged Brits.  Maps, documents, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia of the war are complemented by photos, war propaganda and more. 

Special dipped in and inserted extras include recreated posters, correspondence, pamphlets, maps and government, business and personal documents that make the war come alive.

Experience the hardships, sacrifices and lives of those who endured the war at the home front.
Modern warfare (the past 100 years) has seen incredible advancements in mechanized weapons of destruction.

One such weapon, the tank, has undergone a startling evolution of capabilities and killing efficiency.

In 'The Tank Museum Tanks 100 Years OF Armoured Warfare' authors Robin Cross and David Willey, along with publisher Andre Deutsch, chronicle the long and bloody history of the mechanized might of Tanks.

From their early days as clunky, slow and ponderous, tin cans on treads, tanks have evolved to one of the mainstays of war.

As seen in this hardbound book in a slipcase, tanks have become more and more efficient as killing machines taking on new capabilities and sophistication.

Black and white and color photos follow the slow transformation of the tank from a simple cannon on wheels to its modern personification as a mobile weapon platform, troop transport, ground troop support and mobile command center.

Extensive vintage photos and document reproductions immerse readers into the world of tanks from all over the world.  Key campaigns, pivotal battles and more are revisited using informative text, graphics and photos

Schematics, maps, stats and more introduce readers to the armored might of tanks as experienced by their crews and commanders.

Another type of armored war machine war were the Medieval Knights.  These stalwart warriors rushed into battle upon their armored and festooned steeds, clothed in heavy armor and equipped with the then state-of-the art hand weapons.

As a young boy I remember buying a knight's castle play set advertised on the back of a comic book.  Over 100 knights, Medieval war catapults and weapons of war, along with castle walls, made up the set.  I played with it for hours until I lost most of the pieces and it literally fell apart.

In 'Knights Secrets Of Medieval Warriors' by Henry Templeman from Carlton Kids, readers are in for a treat as they travel back in time and get to experience life as a knight.

From early training as squires, young men rose in the ranks to don the armored might of a knight.  God, King, Queen and country were served by those armored minions of righteousness (mostly) as they provided protection for the realm against invaders, rebellions and more.

Learn all about their training, armor, weapons, creed, steeds, duties, keeps and castles and more as you steep yourself in history courtesy of archival paintings and illustrations and modern computer recreations and photos of jousting and Medieval recreations and reenactments.