Monday, September 12, 2016

Star Trek The Official Magazine Exclusive Mission New York Edition

Titan Magazines celebrates 50 years of Star Trek with its special Star Trek The Official Magazine Exclusive Mission New York Edition, September, #58, featuring a stark black cover with a 50th Anniversary Star Trek logo.

Inside Trekkies (or Trekkers as they preferred to be called) are given a grand tour of all things Star Trek starting with a look at the new Star Trek Discovery TV series.

Things pick up at warp speed as The Kelvin Timeline is explored, Comic-Con celebrates 50 years of Star Trek, 50 artists contribute their own unique visions of Star Trek and sort through Trek memorabilia.

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) reflects back on the success of Star Trek, a special Anton Yelchin memorial is given and Star Trek Beyond is reviewed.

The illustrious career of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry is spotlighted, an original fiction story about Scotty is included and actress Nana Visitor looks back on her stint as a Bajoran. In Part One: To Have Boldly Been several Star Trek TV series stars reflect on their Trek connection, the infamous Trek MacGuffin is explored, the life of Worf is examined and the various careers of Star Trek captains are chronicled.

Watch as the original Enterprise model is lovingly repaired and refurbished, take a look at Trekology, the IDW Star Trek series are given their due, experience Starfleet Academy, read the new Star Trek books from Pocket Books, Data speaks, prepare for some Klingon Konflict and get ready to chuckle at the Starship Trekkers Beyond Belief comic strip.