Saturday, September 17, 2016

WWE Nitro Machines and Nitro Sprints

Are you ready for some 'explosive' fun?  Then get ready for Playmates Toys' Nicro Machines and Nitro Sprints starring some of your favorite wrestling stars.

The Rock is dressed in his black muscle shirt and beckons contenders on as he sits atop his custom black Bull Bruiser Pick-up Truck,  Rev it up and watch The Rock go as he races down the fairway or after those foolish enough to take him on in the ring.

Double your fun with the John Cena with The Cenarator vehicle and figure two-pack.

Place the miniature John Cena figure into the Cenarator and watch him go! Take him out, spin his wheels and he's the fastest wrestler in the ring!

Both the Nitro Machines and Nitro Sprints feature four wrestling figures.  Each action toy is rugged (just like the wrestlers) for hours of play and fun.  Kids are sure to 'wrestle ' up a good time!