Saturday, October 8, 2016


Ever since his introduction in The New Mutants Marvel Comic Book back in the 1980s, Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, has rose up the ranks as one of Marvel fans' favorite character.

Of all of Marvel's characters (except She Hulk) Deadpool is the only character that realizes he is a comic book character.  Often Deadpool can be seen talking directly to readers. 

Having successfully broken the 'fourth wall' Deadpool has gone on to star in his own title, video game and recently block buster movie-with a second movie in the works.

As is his due Deadpool has finally gone up in lights-not movie lights-literally a light!

3D Light FX proudly presents the latest addition to its 3D Deco Light selection with its very own Deadpool 3D light.

That's right!  Deadpool's gorgeous, full-size, masked head lights up!

Simple install some batteries (not included) and with a flip of a switch, LED's light up Deadpool's head.  Watch his eyes glow.  Now that's a night light!

Grab Deadpool's face (he'll thank you for it) slap it on the cracked adhesive wall decor and viola!

Deadpool's mug looks like it just smashed thought your wall or other flat surface.

Easy to install, the Deadpool 3D Deco Light turns off in 60 minutes, never gets hot and looks great on or off.

So what are you waiting for!?  Here's the perfect chance to plaster Deadpool's face through a wall!  And don't worry-he heals fast!