Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Power Man #48

An unusual phenomenon has occurred over the last ten years or so.  The ‘Big Two’: Marvel and DC Comics, have successfully translated their characters to TV, movies and animation.

DC Comics has great success on network TV and animated cartoon series and movies while Marvel has conquered cable and Netflix and the movies.

Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses but are highly popular with fans.

The Marvel Comics Netflix universe has introduced viewers to Jessica Jones, Daredevil and recently Luke Cage with Iron Fist and The Defenders soon to follow.

Luke Cage was introduced in the Jessica Jones show and has become a hit on its own merits.  Rumors are that Danny Rand: Iron Fist, will be introduced on Luke Cage or Jessica Jones.

Way back in the late 1970s during the Bronze Age of comic books Luke Cage was created.
While in prison under false charges Luke is given the opportunity to reduce his prison term if he agrees to take part in an untested scientific experiment.

Something goes wrong and Luke finds himself with super powers: super strength, near invulnerability and increased stamina.

Escaping prison during the fervor Luke takes up the moniker of Power Man: Hero For Hire and proceeds to use his new abilities to fight crime in the ‘The Hood’.

During one of his adventures Luke encounters Iron Fist and a fight ensues due to a massive misunderstanding.

Issue #48 of Power Man began the three-part saga introducing the two characters to each other an ultimately resulting in them teaming up to fight crime with a title change to Power Man and Iron Fist.

Issue #48 is a key issue for a number of reasons from their initial introduction to each other, their love interests and some of the early artwork provided by penciller superstar John Byrne.
Longtime X-men scribe Chris Claremont provided the script.