Monday, October 17, 2016

Skip Trace

Jackie is back!  Join Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville in a brand new action/adventure/comedy movie on Blu-ray/Digital HD from Lionsgate.
In Skip Trace Jackie plays a detective who has for years has been trying to pin a murder wrap on a local crime lord. 
He discovers that by playing things by-the-book it has done nothing more than drag the case of his former partner’s death along for years.
When by chance he learns that a freewheeling American gambler has the hard evidence he needs he finds himself with an unlikely ally in the war against the crime lord.
Now if they can just survive!
It’s laugh out loud action and adventure as only Jackie Chan can serve up.
Jackie still has it and he proves it with his outrageous physical and comedic stunts.
Chan and Knoxville prove to be a perfect oddball pair that makes watching the film a real delight.
Extras include a featurette and a commentary.