Monday, November 28, 2016

Studio Expressions Draw & Sketch Case Set

I made my living as an artist, or more specifically, as a graphic designer.

I graduated for the University of Miami way back in 1977 with a BA in Art/Graphic Design.

From there I’ve held a number of Commercial Art positions until 2004 when I accepted the position as an Art and Commercial Art teacher at a local high school.

I’m retired now, but the art bug still bites me now and then.

Over my long career I’ve done a lot of projects. My specialties are illustration and cartooning. Both require that I use a variety of pencils and media.

That’s why it was so important that I had (and have) a good, solid, high quality supply of drawing tools.  Even today I’m very picky about what pencils I use.

Alex Brands is in the business of encouraging young kids to develop their skills and talents.

One of the ways it does that is by offering art supplies in various Case Sets.

One of those Case Sets is the Studios Expressions Draw & Sketch Case Set.

It provides young artists (and old guys like me) a plethora of art supplies at a very reasonable price.

Alex Brands prides itself on the quality of its products.  The Draw & Sketch Case Set is no exception. 

I found that the drawing pencils and color pencils meet my picky expectations.

Here’s what you get; Twelve Color pencils, six Sketching Pencils and three Charcoal Pencils.  For blending Pencils the Case Set also includes a Blending Stump and two Tortillions.

Sharpening your pencils is accomplished in two ways: with a twin Pencil Sharpener or Sanding Block.

Also included is an Eraser, a Ruler and a miniature wooden Drawing Mannequin that is easily posed for quick reference.  Pretty cool!

All of the supplies, including a Sketch Pad and Drawing and Sketching Guide, come packed in a heavy duty Portable Case with twin latches, a handle and indented inner sleeves that secure the Case’s contents.

All together is makes for a very desirable and functional package that is easy to transport and store.

I really enjoyed the easy flow and solid consistency of the Drawing Pencils along with the solid, bright and consistent color of the Color Pencils.

The Mannequin is great for posing and it takes much less room than the larger, more cumbersome Drawing Mannequins.