Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Super Nova Telescope

I have stars in my eyes-literally.  And it’s all thanks to Alex Brands and Scientific Explorer’s incredible Super Nova Telescope.

I’ve always been fascinated by the heavens.  Stars, planets, heavenly bodies-they have captured my imagination since I was a young child.

Maybe that’s the reason I like science fiction movies so much and TV shows like Star Trek and Stargate SG-1.

What’s out there?  Is there alien life?  Will we ever travel to the other planets and stars and venture out into the cosmos?  Will we find what we are looking for?

Today I took my first step forward in a new adventure.  With my Super Nova Telescope the heavens have opened up to me and I am excited.

The Super Nova Telescope is perfect for someone just getting started with star-gazing.  It has everything you need to explore the night skies.

The first thing you notice about the Super Nova Telescope is its packaging.

A colorful, heavy-duty cardboard box holds the telescope and its components securely in place.  The entire telescope is sheathed in a double clear plastic shield that keeps the contents safe from bumps and scratches.

The telescope body and its main components can be seen easily through the cutout/die cut sections on the front of the box so you immediately see what you’re purchasing.

Inside a very comprehensive instruction pamphlet guides you through the assembly of your telescope.  It’s so easy even a young child can do it-and even an old man like myself!

All of the lens components come with dust covers to protect the lens and the telescope tub also comes with a dew shield and sun shield. 

The main telescope body features a objective lens hood, a finder scope that mounts on top of the main body and bracket for adjusting the finder scope.

Besides the 20mm eyepiece the telescope also comes with a 4mm eyepiece and 3X Barlow lens.

Telescoping legs in three stages slide easily in place and the extension locks make for a steady tripod stationary stand.

Other features include a focusing knob, tilt arm for pivoting the telescope for scanning the night sky, leg support struts for stability, a 45-degree diagonal mirror and a center adjustment lock.

Within a few minutes I had my Super Nova Telescope up and ready to use.  The instructions made it easy to adjust and position the telescope and viola! - the stars come alive!

I am impressed by the attention to detail and rugged construction of the telescope.  Parts move and position easily.  Focusing is precise and clear and while the entire assembly is lightweight and easy to move it is solid and rugged enough to survive bumps without falling over.

As you can see the Super Nova telescope looks right at home in my man cave positioned close to the room’s windows.  I can’t wait to share the stargazing with my friends and family.