Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Flash, Legends and Gotham

If you are a big fan of DC Comics then you are probably aware that DC has a number of TV shows broadcasting that are based on its characters.
Despite what network any particular show broadcasts on there is an underlying continuity and crossover with the other shows.  While some shows are more blatant about their linkage to each other, such as Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl there are hints of continuity with the other shows.
Gotham, I-Zombie and Lucifer (if you pay close attention) offer subtle ‘Easter Eggs’ pertaining to the entire DC Universe.
The Flash TV series was born out of the Arrow TV series when an unexplained ‘Metahuman’ explosion transformed a number of individuals into super-powered beings, Barry Allen (The Flash) being one of them.
The Blu-ray/DVD HD collection from Warner Bros. explores the burgeoning powers of The Flash and its effect on other people and Barry Allen’s home city.
During the First Season Barry hones his abilities, encounters other ‘Metahumans’ who use their powers for bad, teams up other ‘good’ Metahumans and that alternate universe Earth exist.
Along the way he manages to gather other individuals to create a team, starts a blossoming romance and encounters a deadly and dangerous evil doppelganger of himself.
The Season Two Blu-ray/DVD collection delves into the ‘Speed Force’, the origin of the Yellow Flash, Zoom, other alternate Earth heroes and villains and a threat that could destroy our Earth and other alternate versions.
Both Blu-ray/DVD HD Collections examine the many villains (the original Trickster: Mark Hamill returns) and heroes, alternate dimensions and timelines and much more about the Scarlet Speedsters past, present and possible future.
Some new and old familiar faces crop up.  Extras include featurettes about visual effects, gag reels, a crossover event, cast and crew interviews and much more.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow follows the exploits of time traveler Rip Hunter as he gathers the forces of some of Earth’s mightiest heroes and villains to stop a plot by Vandal Savage, an immortal madman, to rule the Earth.
Along the way the group travels to different eras, manages to congeal as a team and thwart Savage at every turn.
Rip Hunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, The Atom, White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave put aside their differences and form a team to save Earth.
Look for lots of action, adventure, betrayals and suspense ramped up in every episode.
Blu-ray/Digital HD extras include Featruettes and a gag reel.
The ‘Gotham’ Blu-ray/Digital HD Second Season Set ‘brings on the bad guys’ as it pits Detective James Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department against a menagerie of villains.
Be there as The Joker, Hugo Strange, The Penguin and other classic Batman villains get their starts.  A new savior raises his head in Gotham but he and his sister have their own nefarious plans involving Arkham Asylum.
Light and dark merge as Gordon discovers that sometimes you have to ‘dance with the devil’ in order to get things done.
Bruce Wayne slowly begins his training to become Batman, discovers some disturbing secrets about his heritage and makes a life-changing sacrifice to save his family and friends.
This is Gotham City as it was meant to be seen: dark, dank and dangerous.
The Second Season explores the genesis of Batman, his villains and supporting cast along with the city he is sworn to protect: Gotham.

Extras include an examination of Bruce Wayne’s butler and protector: Alfred Pennyworth, Gotham Noir Light and more.