Friday, December 23, 2016

A Monster Calls and Dungeonology

The Special Collector’s Edition of author Patrick Ness’s ‘A Monster Calls’ from Candlewick Press, includes the original novel with new material and art and photos from the upcoming movie.

The movie is based on the beloved children’s novel that chronicles the life of young Conor whose dysfunctional family life is interrupted by a monster at his window.

The monster befriends the boy and proceeds to take him on a journey of faith, fantasy, truth and reality.  Inspired by Siobhan Dowd, the novel has garnered praise from all over the world.

The Special Collector’s Edition includes haunting illustrations by Jim Kay and an entire section on the making of the film based on the novel.

Cast and crew from the film are interviewed and offer their own commentaries and the full-color photos of the making of the film includes behind-the-scenes shots, glimpses of the special effects used in the film and much more.

Pre-production photos and concept illustrations, set designs and all the various stages for developing a film based on a novel are present. 

All of it combined makes for a fascinating read and exploration of how literature is turned to a film.

Long before ‘Magic’ collectible card games and role-playing games of all sorts there was the first and original Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeonology by Volothamp Geddarm examines the Forgotten Realms in a beautiful hardbound book featuring a foil-stamped and embossed cover.

Inside readers and game enthusiasts can feast their eyes on maps, character designs, weapon galleries, magical items and magic, schematics, a large fold-out map and all the other various components, places and creatures that populate the Forgotten Realms.

Cleverly designed with tipped-in inserts, fold-out surprises, a special guide and even a prismatic insert, the book is filled with gorgeous illustrations and paintings accompanied by informative and historical text.

It’s a real visual treat for any diehard D&D fan and makes for the perfect complement to the famous game.