Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Air Combat and Land Combat

When I was a kid my friends and I loved to play war.  We’d either play war ourselves with our toy guns, sticks or bats or gather our G.I. Joe 12-inch action figures together and have at it.

The Indian Wars, the Civil War, WWI, WWII or the Korean War-it made no difference; we prided ourselves on our combat readiness.

Collectively we preferred WWII so we could fight those dirty Japs and Nazi.  It was all fun and games.

Of course later when I grew to draft age, the Vietnam War was in full swing.  Many of my friends took part, some didn’t come back.

Suddenly war was real, people died, buildings and homes were destroyed and the horrors of war breathed down my neck.

While I was still fascinated by the machinations and equipment of war I grew to appreciate the scope of war and its consequences.

Amber Books has two outstanding books all about the weapons, uniforms, equipment, key battles, history and the human cost of wars from WWI to present day.

Land Combat by Martin J. Dougherty delves deep into the causes, campaigns and ultimate outcomes of each ear.

Archival photos, drawings, maps, documents and in-depth historical and observational text bring the wars to a personal level.

Much like the Land Combat book, the Air Combat book, edited by Thomas Newdick, explores each war from the air, their combat missions, successes, failures and technological advances.

Learn all about the key players, strategies, victories, crushing defeats and the airborne weapons that took part in each war.

For a fascinating tour of wars from the turn of the last century I highly recommend you purchase a copy of each book and immerse yourself in their pages.  Once you do, like me, you’ll never look at war the same way again.