Saturday, December 3, 2016


I’m not a musician or a singer in a choir, but I am observant.

I’ve noticed when watching either a music or chorus ensemble piece that sometimes, unintentionally, while a musician or singer is performing, sheet music seems to have a mind of its own.
It could be a light breeze, bumping a music stand, music sheets with stiff pages or bad folds or a score of other annoying reasons the musician or singer suddenly finds themselves in a dilemma.
The sheet music or arrangement decides to either close, flip a page or waver between open or close.
I image it is very frustrating, not only for the performer, but the audience as well.
It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
CHOROGrip has the solution-two of them in fact.
The Original CHOROGrip Folder/Binder Strap easily snaps onto a binder. It secures in place with its Velcro grips and not only do you have your pages secure but you also have a handy strap that you can place your hand in for a study, secure grip on a music binder or folder.
The CHOROGrip Ring Adapter allows you to secure music pages using its ring clips that secure the pages so they don’t shift or movie.
Both devices are handy, easy to use and guarantee that your next music performance is not hampered by music sheets that seem to have a mind of their own.
For full instructions as to how each product, visit the CHOROGrip website: