Saturday, December 24, 2016

James Bond Archives Spectre Edition

Relive the excitement and suspense of the latest James Bond film: Spectre, in a brand new Trading Card Set from Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-Fi Hobby.  The entire story is retold scene-by-scene through the entire Base Card Set with text (I assembled a full Set with enough leftover for almost a complete second Set).

Five Cards come in Foil Packs with 24 Foil Packs per Box.  Two Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (mine are Christina Hui from Moonraker and Alessandro Cremona from Spectre).

Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:
  • Prop Cards (Oops! None for me)
  • Gold Parallel Sets of Spectre and The Living Daylights (Zip for me!)
  • Parallel Sets of Moonraker (I received four), The Living Daylights (Five of this Set) and Diamonds Are Forever (Four again)
  • Mirror Cards (Nope!)
  • Metal Cards (You Only Live Twice for me) 
  • Wardrobe Cards (Rats!)
Also, look for other special surprises.

Case Incentives are also available.  The more Cases you buy, the more goodies you get!