Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sully and Storks

Warner Bros. has just released two Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combos Packs that feature flying: one a drama and one an animated comedy.

Tom Hanks the actor is considered by many in and out of the movie business as one of the nicest people you could meet.  Written and verbal testimonials by fellow actors and associates describe how generous and kind he is, especially to his fans.  

He’s also a chameleon!  At least, I think he is.
Looking back over his long career it’s easy to come to that conclusion.  He’s played everything from an astronaut, castaway, slightly retarded man, gay man dying of aids, a hitman, a little kid-the list goes on and on.

In his latest movie he stars as Captain Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot responsible for saving the lives of 155 people when his aircraft suffered engine failure and he successfully landed the aircraft in the Hudson River.

The film examines the entire incident and the investigation into the accident.  Sully’s entire reputation is put on the line as an investigation threatens to destroy both his life and career.

Hanks deliver a tour de force performance as he successfully transforms himself into the quiet, unassuming pilot who copes with his newfound fame and an intense investigation.

The Combo Pack includes several featurettes about Sully and the making of the film directed by Clint Eastwood.

Storks have delivered babies since the dawn of time.  It is a long and honorable legacy.  Storks—babies---it’s the perfect cooperative situation---until now.

Storks now deliver packages for the global internet retail giant Cornerstore.com. 
When Junior, the top deliver stork, is up for a promotion somehow the Baby Factory is activated-producing an adorable baby girl.

Desperate to deliver the baby before his boss finds out he teams up with his human partner Tulip to deliver the baby.

What started out as a simple delivery winds up being a wild adventure and eventually reunits a family and places the Storks back on their original mission of delivering babies.

It’s fast and frantic fun as Junior and Tulip pull out all the stops to deliver the baby while hiding their mission from their boss and fellow Storks.

Extras include several featurettes, a music video, outtakes, commentary, deleted scenes, a LEGO short and more.