Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ultra-Tek Snipe

Toy guns and little boys-a match made in heaven.  Oh sure, there are little girls who like toy guns, but let’s face it, predominantly little boys play with toy guns. 

Even in this age of being politically correct masculinity isn’t dead—yet!

A stick or baseball bat.  That’s what I used as a gun substitute when I was a small boy.  I had toy guns of course, three of which were my favorites: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. special, James Bond’s Walther PPK and a bazooka.

When I got older I graduated to a Daisy BB Gun, a pellet gun and a slingshot.

I wish I had available the plethora of toy guns available to kids nowadays.  OK, so they are colored brightly for safety reasons and tend to be a little more ‘kid friendly’, but still, they’re pretty cool.
And among the coolest is the Alex Brands/Buzz Bee Toys ‘Air Warrior, Ultra-Tek Snipe rifle.  Talk about cool, and it shoots suction darts up to 72 feet!  Wow!

The heavy-duty Snipe toy rifle has it all: a twist on barrel extension and an eight-cartridge suction dart clip.  Pull back the bolt, a dart loads, push the bolt forward and you’re ready to rumble! Bang! 

If you want to remove the suction dart clip make sure the bolt is pulled back, push the red button on the base of the Snipe rifle by the suction dart cartridge and the cartridge slides out for storage or reload.

Ten suction darts come with the Snipe.  A slide-on black scope snaps into place on the top of the Snipe.  It even had a real cross wire for aiming!

The Snipe has a handgrip for aiming, a snug fit shoulder rifle butt, some pretty cool exterior details making it look like a high-tech, futuristic weapon and features a red barrel extension, red bolt, yellow suction dart clip, gray body and blue highlights on the lower body and handle.

The entire Snipe rifle, once assembled, is three feet long.  It’s lightweight, easy for a young child to hold (ages six and above) and rugged and durable for plenty of playtime.

Easy-to-follow assembly and how-to-use instructions are on back of the colorful heavy cardboard Snipe package.  The Snipe rifle, barrel extension, scope and extra suction darts are held securely in place with twist wires

Oh to be a young boy again!