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Monday, September 18, 2017

DC Comics, Harry Potter, U.S. Presidents and Space

Looking at the above headline you’re probably wondering to yourself, “What in the world do these have in common with each other?”

They’re games.  Yep, you read right-they’re games.  But not just any games.  They’re Top Trump Card Games.

If you’re a game novice like me you probably have been intimidated by such card games as Magic. 

Stats, strategy, powers, deck and hand combinations and the like can get out of hand and can be confusing.  What should be a simple game can drag on for hours and if you’re a novice you quickly become fodder for veteran game players.

Add that to the fact that not everyone has the free time to hang out at game stores and play for hours on end, even into late evening, and it’s easy to understand why many newbies become frustrated and give up playing altogether.

Such games are usually not made for young children and that leads to even more frustration.

Never fear! Top Trumps has made playing card games fun again, while challenging both young and old for two to six players.

The game is simple.  Player One looks at their top card, selects the best category and calls out the number.

All Other Players call out their highest number from the same category.  The highest number wins and the winner gets all the other players cards.

The winner of the round selects the next category and calls out a number.

The game ends when someone gets all the cards.  Simple, fun and fast!

What makes the game especially fun is that you learn as you play.

Each card provides fascinating facts about the subject played.  You actually get smarter as you play.

For example:  The ‘U.S. Presidents’ cards teach about Presidents and American history,

The ‘DC Comics’ cards showcases art of DC characters and lists their powers, strengths, etc.

The ‘Space’ cards lets gamers play and discover all sorts of interesting facts about the universe and the space program.

The ‘Harry Potter’ cards clues players into the characters of the Harry Potter universe with information on their past history, powers, etc.

All of the cards are printed on heavy paper stock, feature beautiful full-color art or photos and come in special flip-open carry packs that protect the cards between games.

Imagine—players learn, strategize, challenge their problem-solving skills and have games that will last for years secure in their heavy-duty, protective cases. 

What could be better?  How about—the whole family can play-real social interaction!?

Beast, Rock and Music

Beasts: mythological, magical, fictional and real-humanity has always been fascinated by beasts.  They permeate our culture, legends, mass media and imaginations.

Books, movies, TV shows, poems, tall tales-it seems we humans are always trying to explain the unexplainable.

Ancient man relegated natural phenomenon they did not understand to beasts, Medieval times were filled will tales of winged serpents spouting fire, no matter the terrain, location or weather conditions, beasts have always been present, even it was only within our  collective imaginations.

In Carlton Books’ ‘The Fantastical World Of Beasts’ mythical creatures and ferocious beasts are given their due with lust, full-color illustrations, elaborate twin page layouts featuring artifacts, tools of the trade, first-hand accounts and fascinating facts and flights of fancy.

Beautifully illustrated from cover to cover the book is a masterpiece of design and quickly draws the reader into the world of beasts where imaginations run wild and fantasy comes alive.

Rock and Roll fans often talk about the formative years of R&R during the 1950s and the counter-culture explosion of the 1960s.

But, speaking from experience and a first-hand account I can testify that the 1970s was the most turbulent, inventive, momentous and awe-inspiring decade of R&R.

From Folk Rock, Soft Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Country Rock, Disco, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Soul, Rap and a dozens of other forms of R&R and music genres, the 1970s saw an explosion of creative outpouring.

For a complete story of a momentous musical decade be sure to pick up a copy of ‘Uncut Presents History Of Rock In The 1970s’.

Just a few of the remarkable musicians mentioned are CS&N, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, The Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin and Neil Young-the list goes on and on.

Candid black and white and color photos are complemented by indebt biographies of the artists and the influence their music had on the music scene.

First-hand accounts, historical footnotes and insider sneak peeks chronicle what is considered the most ground-breaking and all encompassing era of modern music.

Considered one of the best, if not the best, movie musical ever produced, ‘The Sound Of Music, starring Julie Andrews is still a favorite over a half a century since its premiere.

In ‘The Sound Of Music Family Scrapbook’ join writer Fred Bronson as he invites readers to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the legendary musical.

Cast and crew provide personal photographs and memorabilia from the film, loving recreated in a spectacular book that delves into the movie masterpiece.

Photos, notes, production stills and instructions, costume fittings, marketing material, call sheets, autographs and much, much more are accompanied by up-close–and personal, first-hand accounts of the making of the film along with pivotal moments, cast and crew insider recollections and even music scores.

The hills may be alive with The Sound Of Music, but this book is filled with the magic behind the sounds.

HearMuffs Sounds

Sound, it’s everywhere.  Unfortunately in our rush and push society sounds pound our ears constantly.  Loud music, city traffic, airports—sounds permeate every facet of our lives.  There is no escaping sound.

Loud sounds can be especially damaging to young children or infants’ ears.  It’s hard to avoid loud sounds, but it’s essential for young ears to develop.

So what’s a parent to do?  Lucid Audio has the solution.

Why not downplay sounds?  Not only lower sounds, but keep the clarity.

Lucid Audio presents ‘HearMuffs Sounds’ a revolutionary new set of headphones for young children and infants that protects young ears by providing passive noise reduction and keeping loud sounds out of the environment.

Simply place the HearMuffs Sounds headphones onto a child’s head, securing them in place by the soft, adjustable headband that offers both comfort and protection. This means one pair will last from babyhood up to 4 years old..

The padded head piece is perfect for a young head and the adjustable side, sliding headphone straps make it easy to fit any infant’s or preschooler’s head.

Soft, pliable liners cushion the headphones to a child’s ears and keep out harmful, loud noises.

The headphones allow comfortable sound levels in, so voices sound soothing and non-abrasive.

To sooth a child even more while traveling, sleeping or downtime, the headphones can play soothing melodies such as a lullaby, white noise, creek and heartbeat.

The HearMuffs Sounds come packaged in an attractive, secure box with two AAA batteries included.

Instructions are included for mode and sound adjustment.

I can’t wait to try them out on my grandson!  His mother will love them!