Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Russian, Sea Combat and Uniforms

A great deal of information is available about the role of the German, United States and European countries that fought during The Great War:  WWI.

Very little is mentioned about the importance of Russian troops and air support that fought during the war.

What information that is available tends to concentrate on the ground troops, their heavy equipment and weapons.

Very little is mentioned about Russia’s air power during the conflict.

Stratus and Casemate Publishers along with writers Marat Khairulin and Boris Stepanov, explore the ‘Russian Aviation Colours during 1902 to 1922, in Vol. 2 Great War’.

Inside archival photos, aircraft illustrated reproductions, insignia, logos and color plates and maps are accompanied by detailed examinations of key battles and conflicts that make history come alive from this little known segment of WWI.

Military might of the oceans has always played a pivotal role in any armed conflict throughout history.

Amber Books and Robert Jackson examine ‘Sea Combat From WWI To The Present Day’.  This fascinating new book includes detailed text about sea bound conflicts, ground invasion support and aircraft deployment.

Historical and modern day photographs of key conflicts, ships, water defenses and weaponry accompanied by maps, charts and schematics bring the full scope of military sea power to life.
When searching for books on military uniforms I always seemed to find myself with one of two choices. 

Either the book(s) focused on one small fragment of military garb from a specific country or military inflict or if the book(s) did include a historical selection of military uniforms images usually consisted of fuzzy photographs, period illustrations or paintings or a combination of both.

In the ‘Military Uniforms Visual Encyclopedia’ over 650 full-color illustrations faithfully reproduce military uniforms throughout the ages from countries all around the world.

Accompanied by a timeline the illustrations spare no detail to when it comes representing military uniforms along with weapons, insignia and transports supported by extensive text descriptions and historical context.

It’s the best book of its kind that I’ve ever seen. 

If you’re looking for a great book on military uniforms this one will ‘suit’ you just fine.