Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cheyenne, Lawman and Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles

When Clint Walker was chosen by Warner Bros. executives to star in the 1950’s Western TV series Cheyenne he had very little, to almost no, acting experience.

Clint was ‘discovered’ not much earlier.  Before that he had worked at a variety of jobs including a security guard and bouncer.

The first year of the series was a learning experience for Mr. Walker.  Fortunately he was a fast learner.

He decided that he would play the Western as a serious drama well aware that men, women and especially children would be watching the show.

Determined to be a good role model Clint he kept both his professional and private lives on the up and up and tried not to mingle the two.

Clint Walker’s acting chops were decidedly more mature and refined when Cheyenne hit its second season.

In the Cheyenne The Complete Second Season DVD collection the maturity and confidence shone by Clint was evident as he took on more challenging dramatic sequences as well as more demanding physical scenes.

Cheyenne continued to roam the West as a lonely gunman who placed honor and trust before his own safety.

In this season he aids the President, helps an orphan, battles the usual cadre of Western bad guys and still manages to woo the ladies.

It’s the Ol’ West as only Cheyenne can deliver it.

Longtime movie heavy and bad guy John Russell switched to the side of the law in the Lawman TV series that began airing in the 1950s.

In the series he plays Marshall Dan Troop who has the unenviable job of policing one of the roughest, toughest and dangerous territories in the Wild West.

Along with his often naïve and bumbling Deputy Johnny McKay, the two lawmen protect the innocence and deal out Western Justice.

Noted for his steel-eyed and unwavering way of facing down outlaws Lawman Troop never fails to bring in the bad guys and right wrongs.

The entire first season comes courtesy of Warner Bros. with its ‘Lawman The Complete First Season DVD’ collection.

Straight from the 1960s comes Hanna Barbera’s ‘Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles DVD Classic Collection’.

I loved both animated series when I was a young boy and I still enjoy them today.
Both complete series are included in the DVD Collection.

Frankenstein Jr. follows the exploits of boy genius Buzz Conroy who built the robotic Frankenstein Jr. and who together fight evil bad guys, diabolical criminal geniuses and otherworldly threats.

The Impossibles stars three members of a Rock and Roll group who, under the directive of Big D, fight crime as their superhero alter egos Multi Man, Coil Man and Fluid Man. 

Whether its fighting and bringing to justice run-of-the-mill, common criminals or super-powered foes The Impossibles use their unique superhuman powers to save the day!

Look for loads of action and lots of fun.