Monday, February 6, 2017

Batgirl New Hero Of The Night

If you’ve been a reader and follower of DC Comics as long as I have you’ve seen the DC Universe go through a number of changes.  Form the original universe, alternate universes, Crisis, Convergence, Flashpoint, The New 52 to Rebirth it takes a scorecard to figure out the back-stories of the various DC heroes and villains.
Scholastic along with writer Matthew K. Manning and artist extraordinaire Patrick Spaziante are addressing that problem. At least as far as Batgirl goes.

The DC Universe has a number of female super heroines, Batgirl being one of the most popular.

Over the years her origin, background and even identity has changed, morphed and been re-imagined.

In ‘Batgirl New Hero Of The Night’ all of the various diverse segments of her life and crime-fighting career are brought into a cohesive and consistent whole.

Readers learn about her early life, her family, hero heroics, her friends and foes and her association with Batman and the other bat relegated heroes.

It’s a concise, fact-filled expose of Batgirl that congeals all of her myriad legends and tales into one cohesive whole.  Don’t miss it!