Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Women In Uniform 1939-1945 and Japan At War 1931-45

“I just love a (wo)man in uniform!”

I have to admit that the attire women wore while serving in the armed forced from 1939-45 fascinates me.

It doesn’t matter whose Army, Navy, Air Force or other military or military affiliated branch they were in, women’s uniforms during that period were especially dapper, sharp and eye-catching.
In ‘Women In Uniform 1939-45’ part of the ‘Militaria Guide from Sophia Histoire & Collections’ the book goes into great detail about each uniform accompanied by full-color photos of contemporary models dressed in the uniforms.

From officers, enlisted soldiers, civilian volunteers and military affiliations, each photo also is accompanied by insignia and other accessories photos. 

Any WWII history lover is sure to want this book for their collection and research library.

In ‘Japan At War 1931-45’ by David McCormack and published by  Casemate Publishers/Fontwill Media, readers get a first-hand look at the war with Japan from Japan’s point of view, its allies and its enemies.

It’s easy (as an American) to develop a slightly prejudicial view of the war with Japan, as they were our sworn enemy during WWII.

However, it’s always wise to know your enemy (or in this case a former enemy) to understand their point of view, motivations and culture in order to comprehend what prompted Japan’s aggression and led ultimately to its downfall and defeat.

The author successfully fills in the historical gaps often left by contemporary war memorial books and delves intensely into the Japanese society and military.

Complete with archival photos, the book offers a well-rounded and comprehensive look at the military and political forces that shaped ‘The Land Of The Rising Sun’ during those turbulent war years.