Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wonder Crew

Times have changed.  The American family has transformed.  No longer is the traditional mother and father and kids, nuclear family the norm.

Kids have to deal with living in single parents homes, stepparent environments and other non-traditional homes.

It’s tough on kids-especially boys.  Too often they develop their image of manhood from what they see in the movies or on TV.  Either they are super-macho or overly emotionally sensitive.  Finding a good balance in today’s topsy-turvy world can be a challenge.

Speaking as a man who was raised by a single mom I can state with great confidence that the presence of a strong man role model is key to a young boy’s maturing into a man.

I was one of the fortunate ones.  I had good friends whose father’s treated me as one of their own and taught me what it meant to be a man.

Believe it or not.  Boys and girls are different.  Not just physically, but emotionally.

Neither sex is better than the other-quite the opposite-they are equals.

Growing up to be a man does not mean you are domineering or gruff.  Neither does it mean that you are all teary-eye and weak.  It is a balance of the physical and emotional.

If there was one thing I learned: respect everyone.  Treat others, as you want to be treated.

It’s so important for a young boy to have someone to place his confidence in-to talk to-to buddy around with-even when it comes to the things he does or plays with.

That’s why I am so impressed by Play Monster’s new Wonder Crew collection of 12-inch soft and huggable boy dolls.

Yeah, you heard right-dolls.  Who says little boys can’t have dolls-especially when they are boy dolls dressed as any rough and tumble boy would dress or would dress depending on what they like?

It can be a superhero, chef, explorer or construction worker-whatever he fancies.

The Wonder Crew collection of four figures includes boys from all ethnic groups.  They come dressed in different outfits.  My example happens to be Marco decked out in his bright red superhero outfit with belt, mask and cape. 

Marco also comes with a red cape and mask that fits a young boy so they can play superheroes together.

As a team they can right wrongs, save innocents and rescue the world from disaster.

Other figures are also available that include appropriate outfits for their boy owners.

Additional Wonder Crew outfits include doll and matching boy attire.

In this case it’s the Explorer set with a t-shirt, pants and hat along with a matching hat for the boy explorer.

Wonder Crew’s creator, Laurel Wider, was inspired by the way play impacts child development.  Wonder Crew encourages kids, especially boys, to be their full selves—kind, emotionally connected and creative.

I believe she has accomplished her goal.  I can’t wait to share Marco with my soon to be born grandson for him to play with when he gets older.

Go anywhere.  Be anything.