Friday, April 28, 2017

Aurora Model Kits With Polar Lights, Moebius, Atlantis

Mention Aurora Model Kits and any model maker worth their salt (or an old guy like me who made Aurora Model Kits in the 1960s) immediately have various images come to mind.

Aurora, among model makers, brings up memories of monster, TV, movie and superhero plastic model kits.

As a young boy and teenager I made my share of Aurora Model Kits, among them ALL of the Universal Monsters, All of the superhero figures and All of the sci-fi model kits, including the vehicles.

Original Aurora Model Kits (especially in their boxes) are some of the most sought after and prized model kits.

Model kit collectors are guaranteed to pay high prices for these coveted model kits.

But, did you know that Aurora made model kits of all types?  Cars, planes, ships, animals, historical figures, military vehicles and every other conceivable type of model kits were created by Aurora.

In Schiffer Books' and author Thomas Graham’s new book ‘Aurora Model Kits With Polar Lights, Moebius, Atlantis’ the history of the company is examined including interviews with former creators and employees of Aurora.

Sadly Aurora is no more, having gone out of business.  But, Aurora’s legacy lives on through the efforts of model kit companies: Polar Lights, Moebius and Atlantis.

The book offers full color photos of ALL of Aurora’s model kits including current prices, along with photos and prices of other company products that carry on Aurora’s proud legacy.

This book is a real feast for the eyes as readers travel down model kit Memory Lane.