Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Go! Go! Smart Wheels, Baby Beats Monkey Drums and Light & Lullabies Travel Mobile

Nowadays babies have it made!

It used to be babies (or young children) had a very limited selection of toys to play with, let alone educational toys.

A ball, rattle, plastic keys on a plastic key chain, building blocks and other assorted simple toys fit the bill.

Not anymore!
Today babies and kids have a vast plethora of educational and fun toys to play with.  They make sounds, move, talk, flash lights, ring bells and are animated.

Perhaps no other toy company has more of a selection of electronic toys than V-Tech.
If it moves, talks, flashes lights, sings, makes noises and keeps kid occupied for hours then more likely than not VTech has created and manufactured it.

Just this week I greeted my first grandchild into the family.  Vance is a healthy little boy who, if he is anything like his mother and father, will be a very inquisitive and active child-curious about everything.

What better way to introduce him to the world than to provide him with some exciting and educational toys?

Imagine-playing and learning at the same time!

VTech’s ‘Go! Go! Smart Wheels’ toy vehicles, made for 1 to 5 year olds, are cleaver little ‘Press & Race’ vehicles that scoot along the floor or flat surface with the simple push of their rear body that sends their rear wheels spinning, propelling the vehicles forward.

The ‘Race Car’ will say his name, make sounds, play music and teaches the letter ‘R’ all by the simple flip of a switch.

The ‘Fire Truck’ teaches the letter ‘F’ for Felix, talks, makes fire engine sounds, plays music and it even has a small extension ladder that works!

The ‘Dump Truck’ flashes its lights, teaches about the letter ‘D’ for Dump Truck, sings, plays music, talks and makes Dump Truck sounds.

All of the Go! Go! Vehicles are made of tough and durable plastic, for rough play, are brightly colored and sure to be a big hit with small children.

Felix the Fire Truck has all sorts of exterior details such as fire fighter supplies and there’s even a fire fighter in the front window.

Dale the Dump Truck also has a driver, a large exhaust pipe on its side, a small rear dumping area and more.    

Ray the Race Car has a rear spoiler and a fancy roof scoop.

Kids love to drum on things and make noises.  What better way to satisfy a young child’s energetic outbursts that to let them play with the ‘Baby Beats Monkey Drum’?

Made for 3+ months the Monkey Drum features an adorable brown monkey that beats the drum when the large drum top is pressed.

The colorful drum lights up and makes drum noises along with music, talks, sings and laughs.
Press the purple, green or blue light-up buttons and the Monkey Drum asks kids to play the drum, sing, dance and other activities that are sure to wear out any active kid.

The buttons also asks questions, challenging kids to follow their instructions.

What a fun and educational toy that provides sound, movement and physical activities.

The ‘Lights & Lullabies Travel Mobile’ is a handy little toy that can be used at home, in a car and on the go!

Easy to set up the Travel Mobile spins and plays up to 30 minutes of music.

It provides soothing music and sounds for babies, plays nursery rhymes and spins showing off its three soft stars decorated with animal motifs.

It’s a ‘4-in-!’ bundle of fun for carriers, cribs, strollers and more.

Soft lights flash and music or sounds play.  There is a night-light, volume buttons, a timer switch for 10, 20 or 30 minutes and it even responds to a baby’s cries by playing soothing music and sounds.