Thursday, April 6, 2017

Kong Skull Island

They did it!  The creative team behind the ‘Kong Skull Island’ film finally got it right!

The original ‘King Kong’ movie set the standard for the giant ape phenomenon.
There have been some sincere and good adaptations of the ‘Kong’ franchise, most notably the 2005 movie by director Peter Jackson.

Kong Skull Island is a follow-up to that film but, in my opinion, is a much better film.

Kong Skull Island showcases the sheer size of Kong, his intelligence and power.  Kong is more than a giant ape.  He is an icon and myth brought to life.

Placing him on his island home: Skull Island, the film makers showcase Kong’s survival skills, mastery of his environment and the other oversize creatures on the island.

The actors do a great job of underplaying their roles preferring to spotlight the true star of the film: Kong.

Titan Books presents ‘The Art And Making Of Kong Skull Island’ in a spectacular hardbound book that delves deeply into the massive amount of work and creativity required to make the new film.

In the book readers are treated to production art, cast and crew interviews and spotlights, set designs and construction, visual and physical effects, creature designs, costumes and all things pre and post film production.

The book is brimming with photos and full-color art, lots of inside and behind-the-scenes information and some cleverly inserted art and photos foldouts.

It’s a massive and informative examination of the Kong phenomenon.

For the full story adapted of the film be sure to pick up ‘Kong Skull Island, paperback novelization by Tim Lebbon.