Friday, April 14, 2017

My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage

Fairies: small, humanoid and magical creatures, with wings, that  live primarily in woods and forests.

Hidden away in trees, behind mushrooms and other forest plants and fauna they live secretive lives and are very seldom seen by humans.

As protectors of nature they tend to stay around flowers and other blooming plants.

What kind of dwellings do they occupy?  It is said that their dwellings are fashioned very much like human dwellings but are incorporated into the plants and forest landscapes.

Quiet, shy and peaceful, Fairies tend to plants, befriend forest fowl, animals and insects and are spirits of nature, preserving and protecting wildlife and plants.

‘My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage’ from Play Monster/Interplay have created a facsimile of a Fairy home complete with plants and landscaping.  In fact, it’s so authentic looking that, who knows, a fairy just might take up residence in it. 

Imagine setting up your own Magical Cottage with flowers and plants blooming all around it and even in it!

This adorable Magical Cottage comes in two levels. 

The top level features a large mushroom surrounded by flora that you plant yourself that are included with the magical Cottage.

Sprinkle water onto the mushroom and watch the water trickle down to water the plants.

The entire Cottage sits in a large circular base where kids can plant small flowers and plants.  
The pop-top cottage allows kids to see the interior of the Fairy Cottage that includes furniture and a fully decorated interior.

A small, blond hair, female Fairy comes with the set, all dressed in purple with blue wings. 
She can be displayed standing or floating by the use of an enclosed cord.  Her pet chipmunk likes to stay by her side.

Also the Magical Cottage comes with a shovel, rake, hoe, watering bucket, decorative porch posts, a large plastic tree, seeds, soil and instructions.

All of the Magical Cottage accessories are made of durable, colorful plastic, as is the Cottage itself. 

The Fairy is partially articulated, easy to pose and a little over two inches tall.

Check out the two chairs, table and umbrella that can be used as an interior furniture set or as outside d├ęcor.
Dress up your Magical Cottage set with stones for a path going to the twin swinging front doors and landscape with various plants and flowers and whatever else fits your fancy.

Kids will love it, Fairies will love it and parents are sure to love its durability, fun features and its clever way to teach kids about gardening and plants.