Friday, April 7, 2017

Peppy Pups and Splashlings

Kids love puppies.  They’re cute, cuddly and adorable.  They are also a chore to take care of, potty train, feed, groom and meet their medical needs.

What if I would tell that kids can now have a puppy of their own that requires no food, no baths, no doctor visits and best of all-no potty training and no fleas!

TPF Toys’ new adorable Peppy Pups are as cute as real puppies and they walk and run!
Made of soft cloth for cuddling, Peppy Pups are the pet kids are sure to love!

The lovable brown puppy has long, dark brown ears, a head that wobbles and moves as it walks, a short tail with a white tuff at its end, four large white paws, big green eyes, a short snout with black button nose, a long red tongue, and comes with a blue collar with bell and leash.

Kids lead their Peppy Pup by its leash and its special flexible legs cause it to walk or run, depending on how fast it is pulled.  Special grippers on the bottom on its paws allow it to walk or run on any surface.

It goes where you go, is kid powered and has bouncy walking action.

The world of the Splashlings has grown.  With Wave 2 the Splashlings have even more adorable and cute undersea creatures.

With over 100 creatures to discover the Splashlings come in a variety of packages.

The 12 Pack Splashlings bubble pack includes a partially articulate mermaid, seven sea creatures and four additional Splashlings hidden in sea themed pop open containers.  You never know what you will get!

The 6 Pack contains a hidden Color Change Mermaid, two hidden Splashlings and three Splashlings.

Get ready for an ocean full of friends with these adorable bubble pack Splashlings that are cute, extremely detailed and fun to collect.

Are you ready for a little undersea mystery?  Are you ready to take a chance?

If so, then the starfish hidden surprise Splashlings are just what you need.

Buy them, unwrap them, pop open the starfish and get ready for a big surprise.

Splashlings are small and best kept away from children three years old and younger.  You’ll be impressed by the variety, the colors, textures and sculpt of each Splashling.