Monday, April 10, 2017

Teen Titans The Judas Contract

One of the most famous and far-reaching series within a series in DC Comics’ ‘The New Titans’ comic series, drawn by George Perez and written by Marv Wolfman was 'The Judas Contract.’

In it the New Teen Titans were betrayed by one of their won employed by Deathstroke The Destroyer.

DC Comic Book fans have clamored and begged for years for the intense mini-series to be adapted to a TV series, movie or animated feature.

Rejoice!  DC Comics and Warner Bros. have listened and they proudly present ‘Teen Titans The Judas Contract’ animated feature film via Warner Bros.’ ‘DC Universe Original Movie.’

Much has changed with The New Titans since the story was originally presented in the early 1980s.  The team’s roster has changed, the Titans have grown up and the DC Universe is much more convoluted and intertwined.

Taking some creative liberties, ‘The Judas Contract’ nonetheless follows the basic basis of the original storyline.

Many of the changes are simply cosmetic, while other changes introduce new elements to the story thus making it more relevant and coherent within the DC Universe.

That being said the heart of the story is intact and it is every bit as intense, surprising, shocking and earth-shattering as the original.

As with all DC Universe animated full-length movies ‘The Judas Contract’ in beautifully illustrated and animated and gorgeous to watch.

With its superior script, first-rate animation, killer soundtrack and state-of-the-art effects ‘The Judas Contract’ promises to be an instant classic just like its comic book namesake.

Extras included in the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo Pack include several featurettes, two classic cartoons and a special Sneak Peek.

Also, a special Teen Titans three-inch figure is included with the Limited Edition Gift Set.