Sunday, April 9, 2017

Water Warriors Air Pressure Outlaw and Colossus 2

Usually when someone tells you. “You’re all wet!” it’s a put down.

 With Buzz Bee Toys’ The Original Water Warriors Air Pressure Outlaw and Colossus water guns, it’s a compliment.

Half the fun is getting wet.  The other half is getting others wet.

The Original Water Warrior Air Pressure Water Blaster Colossus 2 holds up to a whopping 74 ounces of water.  Talk about ammo overload!

It’s high pressure, two tank blasting power shoots water up to 40 feet!  Take that you other wimpy water guns!

There’s even a gauge that lets you know the distance you can expect to make when you use its three adjustment nozzles.

Other water guns tend to shoot in pone direction.  Imagine how surprised your opponents will be when you shoot them at an angle!  Who says water on shoots out straight?

The easy to handle and cradle Colossus 2 is just the right size for young warriors.  A few pumps with its hand front mounted Pump Handle, a simple pull of its Trigger and SPLASH!, you’ve soaked another foe!

Just as impressive is the Outlaw Air Pressure Water Blaster.  Easy to hold in one hand the Outlaw shoots a water stream up to 42 feet and holds plenty of water in its single Tank.

Adjust the Nozzle, fill it up through its handy top mounted Fill Cap, pump up the pressure, pull the trigger and it’s soaking time!

Are you ready for a little wet water fun, then check out the Colossus 2 and Outlaw from Buzz Bee Toys/Alex Brands!