Monday, May 22, 2017

Bible, Steampunk, Robots and Fantasy

I love reading my Bible.  

As a Christian it is important to me to read and study my Bible everyday.

Like most other Christians I’ve done my share of highlighting scripture, making border notes and writing sermon notes on notebook paper.

But, what if I could share with you an exciting new way to accent your Bible study and bring out your creative talent?

Authors Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder and publisher Fox Chapel Publishing/Design Originals are proud to introduce to readers of the scripture brand new ways to bring the holy scriptures alive.

The ‘Complete Guide To Bible Journaling Creative Ways To Express Your Faith’ is a colorful and astonishing new book that presents the latest craze in Bible study.

Learn how to highlight your Bible, or journal pages, with colorful illustrations, lettering, images and more using all types of media including color pencils, acrylic paint, and markers along with stickers, tabs and so much more.

Page after page of examples are provided along with stickers, velum images for tracing, lettering and a gallery of images.

Reading the Bible will never be the same again.

A few years back when I was teaching high school drawing classes I discovered Steampunk.  

For those of you unfamiliar with Steampunk it is a truly unique culture of art, attire and much more.

Steampunk artists base their art on combining steam era technology with new or existing technology, cloths, art and other media.

In ‘The Art Of Steampunk’ ‘Revised Second Edition’ from Art Donovan you’ll learn and see all the extraordinary devices and ingenious contraptions from the leading artists of the Steampunk Movement.

It’s truly remarkable to see everyday objects like cameras, motorcycles, rifles and computers all transformed into Steampunk creations.

There're even a few examples of totally original Steampunk creations.
Top Steampunk artists are spotlighted along with their colorful creations.  It’s a jam-packed cornucopia of crazy contraptions that dazzle the eyes and spark the imagination.

’Manga To the Max Drawing and Coloring Book Robots’ from Erik DePrince contains every conceivable type of Manga Robot design along with step-by step instructions on how to draw and color them.

It’s Manga Madness with Robots, their weapons and their mechanisms all wrapped up in clever coloring page designs.

Eric Messinger’s ‘Fantasy Adventure Dragons, Dwarves, Elves And Other Extraordinary Creatures Coloring Book’ brings out the fantasy artist in anyone.

Highly detailed illustrations complemented by color guide instructions and tips make this a fantasy fulfilled for any wannabe fantasy artist.