Thursday, May 18, 2017

British History, Warfare and Spock’s Logic

Britain and The United States have a long, and sometime turbulent, history.
While it is true that in the past as nations we’ve had our squabbles, the important thing is that we are staunch allies now.

As allies it behooves us to know about each other histories in order to better understand each other and cement our long-standing relationship of friendship and cooperation.

That’s why I recommend authors Peter and Dan Snow’s new book from Carlton Books/ Andre Deutsch: Treasures Of British History.

In this stunning hardbound, slipcase book readers are privy to some of the greatest events; inventions and innovations from British history, starting with the Roman Era and up until the present.

Important documents, memorabilia and other reproduced artifacts are inserted in special envelopes along with maps, charts and documents.

It’s exciting to read and study the illustrious and fascinating history of Britain with all of its ups and downs, victories and failures and the undying and strong will of its people.

Beginning with World War 1 publisher Andre Deutsch and author Paul Brewer offer a authoritative record of war as experienced all over the world in ‘100 Years Of Warfare’.
From small ‘skirmishes’ to world-shaking conflicts the book successfully chronicles the horrors of war.

Using art, charts, maps, archival photos and concise, no frills text the book also spotlights key battles, military personnel, campaigns, key personalities and much more that changed the face of the world for the better or worse.

As a non-historian I appreciate the simple-to-understand and comprehend text, poignant art and photos and the chronological way the book is arranged by years.

War is chaos and illogical.  For a taste of the purely logical pick up a copy of ‘Spock’s Logic Puzzles’ containing more than 100 riddles, conundrums, and observations…from across the galaxy.

Test you logic and intuitive skills using the Star Trek scenarios laid out that offer challenges in order to come to a logical conclusions.

Filled with classic Star Trek images the book is more than a puzzle book, it represents logic as presented by Spock in the Star Trek Universe.