Sunday, May 7, 2017

Film Fatales

You’ve seen them or heard of them.

Those deceitful, lying, manipulating and always-sultry bad girls of movies and TV series and their goody two-shoes counterparts of the 1060s and 1970s finally get their stories told.

The sexy, alluring and oh so ‘innocent’ female spies of TV and film that always managed to seduce the good guy or one of his associates, divulge secrets and relay them back to their world-conquering bosses or save the day.

Just as there are ‘bad girls’ in spy movies or TV series there are innocent ‘good girls’ who get the good guy in the end.

In ‘Film Fatales’ the ‘Women in Espionage Films and Television 1962-1973’ as compiled and written by Tom Lasanti and Louis Paul and published by McFarland & Company, Inc., with a foreword by Eillen O’Neill, is chock full of female fatales who put the sex appeal in spying.

All of the women (good or bad) that starred or appeared as characters in James Bond films, spy films and TV espionage series are given their just due.

Photos and text examine each and every lovely lady and their film and/or TV careers and discover what they are up today.

If you love the 1960’s and 1970’s spy films and TV series then this is the book for you.