Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Route US 66 America’s Longest Small Town 2,451 mi.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.  It allows you to view the past through rose-colored glasses and reminisce about the old times filtering out the bad times and focusing on the good times.
Looking at old things or locations via photographs more often than not reminds you of simpler and easier times.

Nowhere is that more so than America’s (and the worlds') fascination with the ‘Mother Road’ of America: Route 66.

Visions of Route 66 bring up images of side show attractions, gas stations and rest stops and theme motels and business establishment.

Route 66 fandom continues to grow as more and more people traverse its long and historic trail sprinkled with buildings and attractions from the past (some that still survive and some falling into decay).

In Jim Hinckley’s ‘Route US 66 America’s Longest Small Town 2,451 mi.’ published by Voyageur Press/Quarto Publishing Group, relive the past via beautiful color photos, fact-filled text, personal recollections and much more.

It’s a visual stroll through yesteryear that is fun, fascinating and a wonderful journey down Memory Lane.