Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sherlock Holmes, Pocket Bike Maintenance and The Rolling Stones

So you think you are a detective?  You consider yourself a sleuth of sorts and are real good at piecing clues together to solve crimes.

You notice small details and are adept at solving the most complicated of problems.

But, are you on the same level of crime solving as the legendary Sherlock Holmes?

Here’s your chance to prove yourself.

Carlton Books and Dr. John Watson challenge you to solves 140 cerebral challenges in ‘The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection The Lost Cases.’

Use your powers of deduction to solve puzzles, memory problems and all types of brainteasers that will challenge your brain and prove that you can solve puzzles inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ legendary detective skills.

If you love riding a bicycle like I do then you know that the upkeep and repair skills to maintain your bike can be daunting-especially any mechanical issues.

The ‘Pocket Bike Maintenance’ book compiled by Mel Allwood is a handy and portable guide that delves into each and every aspect of owning and maintaining a bike.

Whether it is a simple thing like changing a flat tire to where to store and repair you two-wheel transport, this book covers it all.

Full color photos and informative text lead you step-by step on how to keep your bicycle in tiptop condition.

They are known as the ‘Bad boys of Rock and Roll.’

The Rolling Stones have been around since the early 1960s and show no signs of slowing down.

In Steve Appleford’s new book: ‘The Rolling Stones The Stories Behind The Biggest Songs’ readers get a first-hand look at the group itself over the decades and how they went about creating their biggest hits.

The book delves into the inspiration for each song and includes seldom mentioned or unknown fact tidbits that give life to both the group and their music.

After all ‘It’s Only Rock And Roll!’