Monday, May 8, 2017

Wonder Woman Vol. 2, Year One

DC Comics, writer Greg Rucka and artist Nicola Scott have managed to do something no other Wonder Woman creative team has ever done: chronicle how Wonder Woman (Diana) made the transition to the modern world.

Having spent  all of her life on Paradise Island (Themyscita) Diana knows nothing of the world, save that told to her  by her immortal sisters.

‘The Wonder Woman Vol. 2, Year One’ trade paperback is comprised of several of the early issues of the new Rebirth Wonder Woman comic book series for DC Comics.

In this collection readers learn about Diana’s early life, her education, training as a warrior and life as a princess of the Amazons.

Although steeped in the knowledge of the Amazons and their history, Diana is naïve when it comes to the ways of the world.

Her life changes dramatically when the aircraft carrying Steve Trevor crash lands on her island.

Having never seen a man before, especially one from the outside world, Diana is both fascinated and afraid.

Having been taught about the abuses her sisters suffered at the hands of men, Diana has preconceived notions about the nature of men.

That all changes when she realizes that Steve is near death and yet is still concerned about the other passengers on the aircraft-unfortunately all the others have died.

Taking Steve back to their city, the Amazons nurse him back to health and discover to their horror the condition of the outside world.

Kudos to the writer who parallels the life of Steve and Diana in an opening sequence.  It’s easy to see why they are so drawn to each other, considering their similarities.

Once healthy enough to get about Steve is treated as an honored guest.  While on the island he witnesses the Amazons society and their peaceful existence.

Still, the outside world beckons and Steve insists upon returning home.  Dismayed by the events in the outside world and the discovery of their island it is decided by the queen 0t send a representative of the Amazons to the outside world.

That task falls to Diana.  She is granted great physical powers by the gods along with special Amazonian warrior artifacts to aid her including her famous wrist bands and rope.
She, along with Steve, return to Steve’s military base aboard her invisible jet.

Once arrived Wonder Woman is taken back by her reception.  Suspicious and cautious of her motives she is placed under guard until her story checks out.

The story does an excellent job of showing how young, naïve and courageous Diana is.
She is truly a ‘stranger in a strange land.’

Customs, laws, and protocol –everything is new and strange to her.

What will she do?  Where will she live? What shall she do for a living? How will she fit in?  All of these challenges and more face her.

But, her time of adjustment is short-lived when Ares The God of War appears.  It is up to her, with the help of Steve, to stop his evil plans and become the true heroine she is meant to be.

The story is a well thought-out and executed tale of a young woman, completely alone, who must adapt to her new surroundings and ultimate triumph.