Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Johnny Depp and Pirates

Perhaps no other modern day film actor in the United States (or the world for that matter) has a more varied portfolio of unique characters of which he has created and played.
Actor Johnny Depp has thrilled movie-goers with his on-screen personifications for decades.
Not bad for a guy who gained fame as an undercover cop patrolling the hallways of a high school in the TV series ’21 Jump Street.’

Johnny’s unique ability of portraying the most quirky of characters and making them all memorable is second to none.

Normally a shy and reclusive person, Johnny seldom talks about his work, unless pressed, and very seldom watches himself on screen.

In ‘Johnny Depp A Retrospective’ written by Steven Daly and published by Carlton Books, readers are offered a unique opportunity to get to know the very private actor.

The book, outlines in color and black and white photos and interesting prose, Johnny’s long and impressive career beginning with his early TV days.

Often collaborating with director Tim Burton, the two have produced an impressive roster of films such as Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie And The Chocolate factory, two Alice In Wonderland movies as well as several other memorable films.

Johnny has made several dozen other films with equally impressive directors-some successful-some not so much.

Regardless of the film, Johnny always gives each film his all and his own particular twist to any character.

Fans are sure to love this book as it delves into the persona and life of one of the most revered and respected actors in the business.

Of course no book about Johnny Depp would be complete without paying homage to perhaps Johnny’s greatest film creation: Captain Jack Sparrow, the infamous pirate captain of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series.

Speaking of pirates. ‘Pirates Dead Men’s Tales’ written by Anne Rooney and illustrated by Joe Wilson, is wonderful book for kids all about pirates.

Famous swashbucklers, treasures, maps, ships, weapons, legends, strange lands and adventures are all chronicled in this lushly illustrated book about the scourge of the Seven Seas.

“Arrgh mateys!  It’s a treasure to be sure!”