Saturday, June 10, 2017

Junjo Romantica, MS Igloo and Thunderbolt

Diversity-it’s a word you hear bandied about a lot these days.
To diversify means to mix things up, to offer a variety of things or options.

RightStuf! Offers diversity when it comes to its Anime Blu-ray/DVD releases.

Everything from romance to hardcore science fiction-RightStuf! offers it all.  This makes for a good reason to purchase Blu-rays and DVD Anime from RightStuf!

This time around RightStuf! offers three new Anime.

Junjo Romanitca centers on six young men.

College student: Misaki, is about a straight-laced 
as they come-a very studious and serious young man who pushes himself to succeed.

He has very little time for social activities-instead he concentrates on his studies.

Much to his shock his tutor (Usami) hits on him-what to do?  Misaki has never faced such a dilemma.  His world is about to be turned inside out.

Kamijou and Nowaki are polar opposites.

Kamijou is moody, gloom and doom and tends to be pessimistic.

On the other hand Kamijou appears to be happy, content and spontaneous.  But is he really?  Do they have more in common than either one will admit?

Miyagi is carefree, impulsive and a joker.

Shinobu is attracted to him almost to the point of fanaticism.  What will the ultimate outcome be between the two?  Only time will tell.

Junjo Romantica is definitely not for everyone and it touches on a subject most feel uncomfortable with  ( I know I do).  Still such Anime are common in Japan and it must be taken for what it is.

Mobile Suit Gundam MS Igloo spotlights the futility of war as two warring factions seek to outclass each other with advanced weaponry.

Both the Principality of Zeon and The Earth Federation launch new prototype super-weapons in the hopes of ending the conflict between them and bringing an end to the way which has already cost many lives and the loss of whole communities.

Who will be the victor and what will be left for the winner to claim?

New, more powerful weapons also mean more loss of life and property.

Does anyone really win in a bloody war?

The war between Zeon and Earth has escalated and expanded into space.

So fierce and devastating is the war that whole regions of space have become littered with debris and wreckage from spacecraft and planets created electrified fields of energy called Thunderbolts.

One such region: Thunderbolt Sector is especially dangerous.

Zeon and Earth forces clash as the Moore Brotherhood of Earth attempts to reclaim its homeland within the Thunderbolt Sector.

Cybernetically enhanced soldiers from both sides clash and they soon come to realize both sides are destined to perish.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky is a new Blu-ray release as are MS Igloo and Junjo Romanitca.

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