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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Osamu Tezuka and Strictly Hollywood

Up until the early 1960s Hollywood produced ‘feel good’ musicals that reflex the particular decade they were produced in.
Carlton Books has released a varnished and ready-to-frame collection of art prints commemorating the great musical of all times.

‘The Poster Collection’ includes eight stunning black and white images from some of the greatest musicals starring such Hollywood luminaries as Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire and others.

West Side Story, Singin’ In The Rain, High Society, On The Town, The Gay Divorcee, Funny Face, Cabaret and Top Hat are all represented in ‘Strictly Hollywood’ with images from each film.’

‘The Manga Art Of Osamu Tezuka’ showcases the spectacular art of one of Japan’s leading Manga artists.

Each of Tezuka’s famous figures is represented such as Astro Boy, The Three-Eyed One, Jungle Emperor Leo, Metropolis and many more.

Manga/Anime lovers are sure to want this full-color collection of varnished prints to display.

Both print sets come in oversize, heavy paper stock presentation envelopes.

Other themed collections are also available.