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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Alice and The Beatles

Many readers and movie goers are discovering the wonderful, whimsical and magical world of Alice.
The children’s classic tales of yesteryear has sparked the imaginations of kids and adults around the globe.

Carlton Book’s Carlton Kids has released a duo of Alice books by author Lewis Carroll as beautifully illustrated by Zdenko Basic and Patricia Moffett.

Both ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ and Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ feature some of the most breath-taking illustrations to ever grace children’s books.

Colorful, whimsical and ingenious in their page layouts the books also feature action pull-tabs, clever inserts and fold-outs.

Each book is as whimsical and magical as the story it contains.  

I absolutely love the clever way the text and illustrations complement and intertwine with each other.

The design of each book captures the spirit of Carroll’s tales and will make a fine addition to any child’s library for generations to come.

Hardbound and of heavy stock the books are perfect for young hands.

I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed The Beatles music as I grew up and the band matured.

I remember the band from the early 1960s during its ‘bubble gum’ era right up to its social relevant and ground-breaking last days.  I even stuck around as each band member went their own individual ways pursuing separate music careers.

In ‘The Complete Beatles Songs’ as written and compiled by Steve Turner, Beatles fans get to go behind the scenes of every song written by the Fab Four.

Black and white and full-color photos and art accompany the lyrics along with informative and historically relevant text that explains the meaning behind each song and how it came about. 

It’s a wonderful celebration of the greatest Rock and Roll band of the 20th Century that shaped popular music as it is today.