Thursday, July 27, 2017

Andrea’s Rifle, Utility Belt and Jungle Friends

When I taught I used to tease my high school students about The Walking Dead.
I would tell them the definition of The Walking Dead: they are always hungry, make guttural noises and wander around aimlessly.

Once I described The Walking Dead I would then tell them why they like the show so much.

It’s easy really-the Walking Dead are teenagers!  The description fits!

OK, on to more serious matters-or at least onto the reviews.

Alex Brands’/Buzz Bee Toys’ bolt action, dart-blasting Andrea’s Rifle from The Walking Dead is a perfect, functional replica of the deadly weapon from the TV series.

Of course the bullets are soft tip darts, but they can fire up to 100 feet!

The rifle features real bolt lever action, a removable scope, a working trigger, a heavy stock, an Ultra-Tex Clip for holding the eight darts and a short barrel for maximum carnage.

It’s a real beauty of a brute made of heavy and durable plastic, featuring recreated details from an actual rifle and offers more fun than you can shake a dismembered zombie leg at.

Proudly displayed on its ‘The Walking Dead’ display box, that is decorated with art from the comic book series, Andrea’s Rifle is a proud member of the ‘Air Warriors’ series of action toys.

When I was a young boy my friends and I used to trek out to the wilds, pitch a tent and tackle the rugged terrain and harsh conditions of living in the wild.

Actually we would put up a pup tent in the backyard, string out an extension cord for our radio, cook up some hotdogs inside my house, grab a few snacks, lay out our padded sleeping bags and spend most of the night talking, telling jokes and making strange noises that young boys do.

One of us might have brought along a compass or a pack of matches but that was about the extent of our camping equipment.

Backyard Safari Adventures bumps up things a few notches with its awesome Utility Belt set.

Here’s what kids get: a utility belt, a protective case, a field microscope, a pencil and notepad, patch and field guide.

The utility belt includes a belt buckle, D rings, elastic loops and the elastic holster attaches to it.

The portable field microscope also has adjustable lens, a view finder and the entire assemble folds down for easy storage and transport.

Everything fits snuggly into the clip case sans the belt and buckle.

It’s an awesome kit that I wish I had when I was a kid.

I’m excited.  My grandson just turned three months old and he’s starting to really get active.

One of his favorite things to do is to take a bath.

Now he has something to make bath time even more fun: the Alex Brands’ Jungle Friends Block Squirters.

These cute, little, cubed animals stack on top of each other, can fill with water and with a simple squeeze out shoots a stream of water!

They are colorful, cute and feature a tiger, hippo, elephant and zebra.

It’s a wild and wacky water world of fun that little kids are sure to love and which make bath time a real treat.