Monday, July 17, 2017

Army, Marines, Navy and Special OPS

From Quarto/Hachette/Voyageur/Zenith comes a quartet of books about the U.S. Military.

Three of the books form author Chester G. Hearn and Zenith Press examine three of the branches of the U.S. Military.

The three books offer illustrated histories of the Army, Marines and Navy.

Each of the military branches is given their due with full timelines and historical facts from their inception to the present day.

Key campaigns, famous military figures, important developments, battles, innovations, strategies and their military role and importance are complemented by archive photos and art.

Each book is packed with black and white and color photos which bring history alive.

Intriguing and interesting text chronicling each branch is provided with emphasis put on important dates, campaigns, personnel and weapons and equipment develop are fully detailed.

Each book will make an excellent addition to any military history buff’s library
Author Fred Pushies and Voyageur Press examine the history, weapons and missions of Elite Military Forces in ‘U.S. Special OPS’.

For a thorough examination and explanation of each branch of the military’s special forces the book covers everything from weapons, campaigns, techniques, training, equipment, aircraft, transports, key personnel, officers and non-coms and much more.

It is filled with historical text, hundreds of photos and all the facts about the US Special Ops.

All four books offer a great resource to any hopeful military recruit, history buffs, military archivists and anyone who is interested in the U.S. Military and its illustrious history and mission status.